Imagine. You're 39, married, a mother of three. Things are going well. You're an unschooling mom. You write when you have time, but parenting is your number one priority. You've invested your life into being the best parent possible and take pride in your happy, stable, creative, nurturing home.

And your 17 year old daughter announces she's pregnant. And at 19, she announces she's pregnant again. And that she's broken up with her boyfriend.

What do you do? You support. You nurture. You mother the new mother. You put all your creative energy and experience into it, and you create a multi-generational household. Your daughter thrives, and as the two women of the house, you join forces and embrace the Radical Homemaking Revolution.

As a team, you join forces to do plenty of DIY projects and cooking from scratch, toddler friendly trips and activities, squeezing in writing whenever possible, community building, spending time with teens, and working on her online thrift store.

And you realize that this life that you have, wife to a great man, Grandma to some and Mom to others, is the most precious, crazy wonderful gift you could have ever been given.

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